5 Easy Circle Time Songs


Do you feel out of your depth when it comes to music and song learning? Start with these easy circle time songs! They are all set to easy to learn melodies and are can be sung without the recording. Because of this, you will have no trouble at all learning them for your class.

Simple songs like these are a great tool to have in your classroom. Once you learn them, you will have them forever! So then if you are ever in a pinch and need to come up with an activity fast, you can dust off one of these tried and true songs!

Don’t feel pressured to learn complex songs that may be difficult for your young ones to participate in. In fact, simple songs are perfect for your circle time. Children build self confidence when they are able to be successful. Therefore, using songs they can easily learn helps them build confidence and empowers them to try new things. Just like your students, try these simple songs and see how they go. Then when you feel good about them, check out some activities you have been hesitant to try! And remember, there is no wrong answer in music! As long as you are participating in a way that feels good to you, at Musically Minded, we call that a success!

#1 Circle Time Hello

easy circle time song

Hello songs are so important during circle time. This is because they act as a cue to tell your class it is time to sit down and listen. Circle Time Hello has a simple but distinctive melody. When your students hear it, they will know exactly what they are expected to do to get ready for circle time.

How to teach this song

  1. Begin by gathering your students in a circle for circle time. You can already be singing the song while your students are moving to their spots, or begin singing once everyone is seated.
  2. Pass out shakers and encourage your students to shake along to the beat. Another option is to ask your students to pat or clap along.
  3. Next, you can begin the song and encourage your students to sing along. Show your students how to shake or pat on different parts of their body. You can also ask your students for suggestions of places to pat to keep everyone engaged.

#2 Down in the Deep Blue Sea

easy circle time song

Down in the Deep Blue Sea is an interactive listening adventure to try with your class. Print out the visuals included in the activity guide to make this a multi sensory experience! Down in the Deep Blue Sea is a great song to try a capella, or with only your voice. That way, you can move at your own pace and give your students time to guess each animal you will describe. So put on your detective hat and let’s try to name some ocean animals!

How to teach this song:

  1. Begin by discussing sea life with your students. Ask then what kinds of animals they have seen living in or around the ocean.
  2. Next, lay out the visuals you have cut out. You can find these in the activity guide. Help your students identify each animal.
  3. Begin singing the song, encouraging your students to sing along. Give clues for each animal and have your students guess which animal you are describing.

#3 Mr. Moon

easy circle time song

Mr. Moon is a beautiful peekaboo song to sing with your students. The recording offers lovely harmonies to reflect the wonder of outer space. However, this song is just as effective when the melody is sung a capella. Try teaching this tune to your students and help them experiment with their singing voices!

How to teach this song:

  1. Begin by making a crescent shape with one hand to represent the moon. with your other hand, spread your fingers like your going to give a high five to represent the sun.
  2. Hide the sun behind your back and hold the moon up like it is the sky.
  3. Then, when you come to the word “sun” in the song, bring the sun out from behind you back. And when the moon runs away, hide the moon behind you back.
  4. Encourage your students to play along with their own sun and moon.

#4 Touchin’ Toes

easy circle time song
easy ir

Are your students getting bored of other popular body songs? Try this new tune to spice things up! Action songs are a great way to get students engaged. Also, this melody will be easy for them to learn and play on their own outside of circle time!

How to teach this song:

  1. Begin by gathering your students and telling them you will all be singing a songs about parts of the body.
  2. To prepare, go over the parts of the body mentioned in the song (eyes, ears, nose, head, knees, and toes).
  3. Start singing this song and encourage your students to touch each body part as they hear them in the song. As your students get more comfortable with the song, encourage them to sing along.

#5 Tap Like I’m Tappin’

easy circle time song

Tap Like I’m Tappin’ is a great instrument song to use with your students. This activity is incredibly versatile. Not only can this be used with rhythm sticks, but you can try this with any small rhythm instrument! Any time you are introducing an instrument to circle time, try singing this song to get everyone engaged and making music together.

How to teach this song:

  1. Pass out rhythm sticks or any small rhythm instruments to your class. Give them a moment to explore their instruments on their own.
  2. Then, begin singing and demonstrating the movement used in the song. Encourage your students to play along with you. Eventually, they will know the song well enough to sing with you too.
  3. To offer more opportunities for creativity and exploration, ask your students to come up with their own actions and add them to the song.

Adding new music to your circle time can feel daunting. However, with these easy circle time song, you will be making music together in no time! Let us know if you have any questions or if there is anything we can do to help your circle time be a success. We would love to hear about your awesome accomplishments and what you and your class think of these circle time songs!

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