5 Little Fishies in the Sea


Did you know that songs are fantastic for teaching skills across the curriculum? The song I have for you today is no exception!

“Five Little Fishies in the Sea” is a home run, but at first glance one might not see all the learning packed into this little fingerplay. There’s rhyming, fine motor skills, one to one correspondence, vocabulary and basic subtraction just to name a few!

I’m showing the same activity in two different formats. I call it “Fish Two Ways” on my menu:) Ready to see it?!? Click on the first video, that’s “A”. Then click on the second video, that’s “B”. Once you’ve watched them both, comment below on which one you liked best. Then don’t forget to score the activity pack below so you can teach it to your little school of fish! It’s got the visuals, activity guide and the audio download so you’ll be ready to teach right away!

A. Five Little Fishies Finger Play

B. Five Little Fishies Book

Ok, voting time! Which one did you like best?

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