Mable, Mable, Set the Table


When I first started teaching, I had very few activities that worked well with kids. That is until I discovered Orff Schulwerk.

Talk about a lifesaver! I went to all the workshops I could and slowly my repertoire of activities that actually worked with kids grew.

One summer I traveled to Las Vegas because summer is the perfect time to head to the desert (said no one ever!).

I spent two weeks learning so much and I still use a ton of the ideas to this day!

One rhyme in particular always seems to come into my mind around the holidays. I hope you have as much fun teaching it to your kids as I do! If you’d like the pdf to print and save for later, just click here.



A Seattle-based music education business specializing in early childhood music and movement classes founded by Jocelyn Manzanarez in September of 2003. Jocelyn held her first class in the basement of the Tahoma School District bus barn in Maple Valley, Washington with just six babies. Along with their mamas, Jocelyn cultivated the babies’ innate musical abilities and interests through play, song, movement and love. She knew her quest to touch as many young children as possible had begun. This first class will also be known as Musically Minded’s first Budding Beethovens.

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