Flannel Board Activities for Circle Time Success

June 6, 2022

Hang around me for just a short time and you’ll see that I love activities that involve a flannel board. I personally love to tell stories using my flannel board. As soon as the kids see me bring it out they get so excited! Check out my retelling of a Russian Folktale, “The Enormous Turnip”.…

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4 Ways to Share Music with Babies

June 30, 2021
music and babiers

This week we’re giving special focus to actively engaging infants with music. Why? Because using music with babies can help to develop their brain. It’s easy to have music on in the background as you go about the day, but let’s talk about a few ways to create meaningful interactions and practice developmental skills through…

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Carnival of the Animals at Circle Time

June 20, 2021
carnival of the animals

*This post contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. When it comes to Incorporating movement activities into your circle times, you may be totally on board but not sure where to look for activities. If that’s the case, this post is for you. But, if you…

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5 Little Rockets

May 26, 2021
circle time songs for space

This morning there was a total lunar eclipse and tonight is a full moon! That means it’s a perfect time to learn a fun song all about rockets! Watch the video to learn the activity, then download the FREE printable and lyrics sheets just below the video.

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3 Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make with the Parachute

March 14, 2021
parachute preschool

When I think back to my elementary PE days, the most exciting week was when we got to use the parachute. It was just one week a year which I found very disappointing. I wanted to use it every time! Now I’m all grown up and I get to make the rules. That means the…

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Transition Songs for Preschool

October 5, 2020
transition songs for preschool

Transition songs are songs that can be used to help your students move from one activity into the next. They send the directions of what you are asking the students to do, but by using music rather than your speaking voice, the children are more likely to pay attention. Why Does Music Work So Well…

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5 Easy Circle Time Songs

September 9, 2020
easy circle time songs

Do you feel out of your depth when it comes to music and song learning? Start with these easy circle time songs! They are all set to easy to learn melodies and are can be sung without the recording. Because of this, you will have no trouble at all learning them for your class. Simple…

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5 Listening Activities for Circle Time

September 7, 2020
listening activities for circle time

Circle time is a great opportunity to try some listening activities with your little ones. These listening activities written and recorded by Musically Minded offer a wide variety of learning opportunities for your little ones. Listening activities are a great way to build skills like following directions, auditory discrimination, and focused attention. These skills will…

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10 Movement Songs for Preschool

September 2, 2020
10 movement songs for preschool

Movement is so important for toddlers as they learn about their bodies. Music is a great motivator for children, and what better way to get some movement into their day than through dance! Music is such a valuable tool in the classroom because it can help young children coordinate their movements. This has something to…

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Name Games for Preschool

July 22, 2020
name games for circle time

“Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” -Dale Carnegie Learning the names of your kids right away is a must! It instantly connects you with them and they move from being anonymous to, “oh man, she knows my name!”. My mom was a substitute…

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Matilda the Gorilla

June 28, 2020
Easy songs to play on the ukulele

If you are looking for ways to get kids engaged at circle time, look no further than the ukulele! It’s one of the easiest instruments to learn to play and kids love it! Kids also love it when the songs you play on the ukulele are interactive. I mean don’t get me wrong, I love…

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3 Reasons Why You Should Sing Books with Your Kids!

May 22, 2020
children's books you can sing

Did you know that one of the best ways to get your child ready to read is to sing with them? When you pair a book with a song, you up the ante even more! Below are 3 reasons why children’s books you can sing offer a great way to get kids ready to read!…

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