When Ducks Get Up in the Morning

Finding farm songs to sing at circle time especially during your farm theme is probably fairly simple for most preschool teachers.

But finding farm songs that engage and teach is a little bit more difficult!

That’s why I love “When Ducks Get Up in the Morning”. Its repetitive verses with just enough variation keep kids engaged, singing and of course learning.

That’s what we want right!?!

How to Teach The Song

To really get the attention of your learners, I recommend having a bag full of stuffed animals or even animal figurines. This immediately catches their eye and they’ll want to stay with you throughout the song to see what you are pulling out next!

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What They Learn

Nothing makes an activity more worth sharing than finding one that teaches too!

“When Ducks Get Up in the Morning” does just that. In this farm animal guessing song, your kids will learn:

  • Identifying animals by sight and sound
  • Singing with others
  • Vocabulary

A Lil’ Side of Ukulele?

This song is especially fun to play on the ukulele. Matter of fact, in my course, Yes! Uke’N Play the Ukulele, it’s one of my students’ favorites!

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