3 Reasons Why You Should Learn to Play the Ukulele

If you’ve ever listened to Izzy’s version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World,” then you’ve heard the beautiful sound of the ukulele.

The sound takes me right back to the islands as Hawaii was the first place I ever played this sweet sounding instrument.

Twenty years ago my husband, Eric, and I took a trip to Kauai and attended a luau. They were offering free ukulele lessons and I couldn’t resist.

What surprised me was just how quickly I was able to start playing!

Why? Because it only takes one finger to play a chord!

Sadly, I returned to the main land without a ukulele:( But, unbeknownst to me, Eric had purchased one for me and it arrived just a few weeks after we returned home. It’s the same ukulele I play today!

I have to admit, I didn’t start using the uke in my music classes until last year. Not sure why, but now that I’ve started, I haven’t stopped.

Kids love it and I do too. With just a few simple chords, I can play tons of songs. I also love its small size which makes carrying it on my back as I travel to different schools a breeze.

Have you ever thought about learning to play the ukulele? Yep, I’m talking to you!

There’s no time like the present to learn! I’ve made a list of reasons in case you’re on the fence. Here you go….

3 Reasons Why You Should Learn to Play the Ukulele

  1. Learning something new gives us energy and reminds us that learning is fun (and a little challenging)! Your kiddos will feel your energy and excitement and can even support you on your journey. It’s also good for us as teachers to remember what it’s like to be challenged by something new because our kids feel this often.
  2. It creates community in your classroom. Want to bring your students closer together as a community of learners? Teach them songs they can all sing together! They’ll naturally feel connected. I’m not just saying that, research says it too! Music impacts brain circuits involved in empathy, trust, and cooperation. Now those are some skills every human needs strengthened, right!?!
  3. Singing boosts everyone’s mood! There’s nothing like a roaring rendition of “Wheels on the Bus” to energize a group of preschoolers. Why? Because music releases dopamine which is involved in regulating mood. Coupled with the effects on endorphins, music makes us feel good and connect with others.

Bottom line, the ukulele is the perfect instrument for you to learn if you want to bring a new skill into your classroom that will engage kids.

Are you ready to learn to play the ukulele? Enroll today! Our next session starts Friday, January 28th.

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