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  • Come out of the barn

    Come Out of the Barn


    Download the lyrics and audio track for “Come Out of the Barn” by Musically Minded.

    Listen before you buy! Just click the play button below. Want more movement songs? Check out our “Move, Move, Move” album with 23 movement songs that teach!


  • Counting song for toddlers

    Count with Me


    Introduce this counting song for toddlers to even your youngest students to help them start understanding numbers. Children begin developing math skills (such as counting to 10) before they fully understand the concept. Attaching numbers to objects or one-to-one correspondence is the next step in their mathematical development. Charlesworth and Lind (2003) see one-to-one correspondence as “the most fundamental component of the concept of number.” Count with Me is a great counting song for toddlers that will introduce this concept to your preschoolers.

    Circle Time Success by Musically Minded

  • Days of the week song

    Days of the Week


    Help your students learn new concepts with this days of the week song. Children’s understanding of time, also known as temporal understanding, is not meaningful for children below first grade (Friedmann, 2000). Instead, the temporal concepts such as before lunch and after nap have much greater meaning. The learning goals associated with calendar time are more heavily weighted in math rather than time for this reason. Knowing what the date is i.e. January 2nd, 2016, is much less meaningful to young children than once though. Therefore, the purpose of knowing the days of the week is more rooted in vocabulary building than expecting children to know that tomorrow that if today is Monday, tomorrow is Tuesday. This days of the week song is a great way to introduce your students to this new vocabulary and prepare them to understand time later in their development.

    Circle Time Success by Musically Minded

  • Impulse control song

    Don’t Move!


    Impulse control is an executive functioning skill that children need to develop to be a functioning member of society. Through continued practice, the skill can be developed. Make it fun with a song! Try “Don’t Move” as a way to work on this skill! When play comes first, learning comes naturally.

    Want to add an instrument? Egg shaker or bells work great! Add a tactile element!

    Listen to the song:

    Circle Time Success by Musically Minded

  • rhyming song for toddlers

    Down by the Bay


    This traditional rhyming song for toddlers is a great way to teach children about rhyming. Why is rhyming important? In a study with four and five year old children, Bryan and Bradley (1985) report that scores on initial rhyming tests predicted reading and spelling progress three to four years later. These researchers suggest rhyming facilitates reading and spelling. Once they get to know the song and understand how to create a rhyme at the end, sing the song a capella allowing the children to come up with their own rhymes. No need to have them make sense. Creating nonsense words that rhyme helps illustrate their understanding of the concept of rhyming and promotes creativity!

    Circle Time Success by Musically Minded

  • preschool listening activity

    Down in the Deep Blue Sea


    Kids love to explore the world around them, and this preschool listening activity is a great way to help them do just that. Your students will be able to use the clues in the song to decide what kind of animal they are seeing, allowing them to practice their reasoning and problem solving skills. They will also be able to learn this simple tune and sing along! Try having your students pat along with the beat to practice their entrainment skills, or their ability to feel tempo and rhythm in their body and match it with their body movements.

    Down in the Deep Blue Sea by Musically Minded

  • preschool exercise song

    Dyna Band Jam


    This preschool exercise song provides a great opportunity to use exercise bands in the class room. Either try with one large band with space for everyone, or a set of small bands, and watch your students improve their gross motor skills. Your students will feel their arm muscles working as the pull their  bands and follow along with the song. They will feel strong and powerful like a mighty dinosaur! Encourage them to dance along with the beat and try out new movements with their bands.

    Dyna Band Jam by Musically Minded

  • circle time movement song

    Elephant Tempo


    The vocabulary used when discussing music can be challenging to learn, but incorporating these words into a circle time movement song can help your students become familiar with them.  With this song, your students will move at different paces to match different tempos while hearing the word associated with that speed. This will help your students internalize the meaning of these words, making it easier for them to understand. Use this circle time movement song as a break to practice gross motor movements and learn new vocabulary at the same time.

    Elephant Tempo by Musically Minded

  • preschool movement activity

    Flying to the Moon


    This creative preschool movement activity will jumpstart your imagination as we blast off on an adventure to the Moon. Your students will love pretending to be space ships as they count down and blast off. Help them practice counting and singing, and they will master this song with confidence!

    Flying to the Moon by Musically Minded

  • circle time transition song

    For You and You and Me


    Transition times can be chaotic and disorganized, opening up the opportunity for undesirable behavior. Finding a way to keep children engaged so they don’t get off task, is key. At circle time, passing out a class set of materials is one of those moments. Use the circle time transition song “For You and You and Me” to keep your children’s attention so they don’t even need to think of something else to do.

    Circle Time Success by Musically Minded

  • Children's dance song

    Froggie Hop


    This children’s dance song will help your students practice gross motor movements, like jumping and hopping, while pretending to be little frogs. Meanwhile, they will count along with the song as they hop, keeping them engaged on multiple levels. If you have students that have trouble staying engaged, try this short and imaginative song to offer them a movement break and keep them interested in circle time.

    Froggie Hop by Musically Minded

  • Preschool action song

    Grand Old Duke of York


    This preschool action song will be a hit in your class as your students learn to identify directional cues. Preschools is a great time to introduce your students to directional cues. As they learn these cues, they will be able to better navigate their world around them, and better understand how their body moves through space. They will practice up/down and left/right while following along with this silly song, all while practice gross motor movements and spatial awareness.

    Grand Old Duke of York by Musically Minded

  • Grandpa’s Farm


    Children love to pretend and they love going to the farm. That’s why Grandpa’s Farm is the perfect song to not only captivate, but keep them engaged too!

    With this download, children will strengthen the following skills:

    Auditory discrimination, identifying animals, vocabulary, focus, print awareness, listening, phonological awareness

    Check out what is included in this activity pack:

      • Grandpa’s farm audio track (digital and QR Code)
      • Activity Guide –  includes what kids learn (goals/objectives), how to teach it, suggested materials/instruments
      • Grandpa’s farm visuals – great for use at circle on a felt board!
      • Song Sheet

    Listen to the song here ⬇




  • Rhyming song for toddlers

    Higgelty, Piggelty, Pop!


    When children are exposed to rhymes from books and nursery rhymes, identifying and producing them comes naturally. This basic phonological awareness skill indicates they can distinguish the ending sounds of words. “Higgelty, Piggelty, Pop!”, a rhyming song for toddlers, takes an active approach to rhyming by having the child’s body respond to the rhyming words. The rhyme also makes children aware that changing only the first letter of a word produces a whole new word. The extensions for this activity are plentiful and can be applied to a multitude of nursery rhymes. Research shows that students benefit from direct instruction on rhyme recognition when paired with fun activities that target this skill. Therefore, this rhyming song for toddlers is a great resource to practice rhyming!

    Circle Time Success by Musically Minded

  • preschool alphabet activity

    I’ve Been Learning My Alphabet song


    “I’ve Been Learning My Alphabet” is an incredible preschool alphabet activity offering multiple tools in one simple package! Use the song along with the sing along book and visuals to help your students follow along. We hope you and your class enjoy this preschool alphabet activity!

    With this download, you will receive:

    • I’ve Been Learning My Alphabet digital audio track – Keep it handy so you’re always ready to sing and play with your students
    • I’ve Been Learning My Alphabet activity guide –  includes what kids learn (goals/objectives), how to teach it, suggested materials/instruments

    Circle Time Success by Musically Minded

  • freeze dance for preschool

    Jump Along Josie


    Try this fast paced freeze dance for preschool with your class. Expand their movement vocabulary and give them opportunities to practice gross motor movements while keeping up with this energy packed song. Use it as a transition song during circle time to give your class a movement break.

    Jump Along Josie by Musically Minded