Down by the Bay


This traditional rhyming song for toddlers is a great way to teach children about rhyming. Why is rhyming important? In a study with four and five year old children, Bryan and Bradley (1985) report that scores on initial rhyming tests predicted reading and spelling progress three to four years later. These researchers suggest rhyming facilitates reading and spelling. Once they get to know the song and understand how to create a rhyme at the end, sing the song a capella allowing the children to come up with their own rhymes. No need to have them make sense. Creating nonsense words that rhyme helps illustrate their understanding of the concept of rhyming and promotes creativity!



Try Down by the Bay, a silly rhyming song for toddlers that is sure to have your students using their imaginations. Encourage your students to come up with new rhymes to use in the song! They will love adding their own ideas and making this rhyming song for toddlers their own unique creation. With this download, you will receive:

  • Down by the Bay digital audio track – Keep it handy so you’re always ready to sing and play with your students
  • Down by the Bay Activity Guide –  includes what kids learn (goals/objectives), how to teach it, suggested materials/instruments
  • Down by the Bay Visuals –  colorful cut outs of silly characters to use on your felt board while singing with your class!