I’ve Been Learning My Alphabet


Children’s knowledge of letter names and sounds is the best predictor of their later reading and spelling abilities (Hammill, 2004; Scarborough, 1998; Schatschneider, Fletcher, Francis, Carlson, & Foorman, 2004). “I’ve Been Learning My Alphabet”, a preschool alphabet activity, shows children not all letters say their name when it comes to sounding them out in a word. For example the letter “w” sounds like it starts with a “d” yet, it makes the sound “ww.” Teaching children the sound the letter makes first is the information they will most benefit from to break the code as a reader. Adding a movement for each word creates a multisensory experience. This approach has greater meaning for children and stays with them longer (Pica, 2007).



“I’ve Been Learning My Alphabet” is an incredible preschool alphabet activity offering multiple tools in one simple package! Use the song along with the sing along book and visuals to help your students follow along. We hope you and your class enjoy this preschool alphabet activity! With this download, you will receive:

  • I’ve Been Learning My Alphabet digital audio track – Keep it handy so you’re always ready to sing and play with your students
  • I’ve Been Learning My Alphabet Activity Guide –  includes what kids learn (goals/objectives), how to teach it, suggested materials/instruments
  • I’ve Been Learning My Alphabet picture book – print out this colorful book of lyrics and visuals to use along with the song!