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  • circle time listening activity

    Spotted Owl


    This circle time listening activity is a multisensory experience because it encourages listening, moving, and responding in ways that engage both mind and body. It provides a fun context for learning musical skills and concepts while challenging physical, cognitive and social development. Your class will hear music vocabulary and have to follow musical cues to understand how they should move their bodies. In turn, they will learn to follow directions and coordinate their gross motor movements all while learning music theory. Demonstrate ways to move to the music and watch them learn as they play along with this circle time listening activity.

    Circle Time Success by Musically Minded

  • circle time sharing song

    Takin’ Turns


    Passing something around the circle so each child can have a turn can be difficult for some children. A circle time sharing song is a great way to cue your students when their turn is over. “Takin’ Turns” helps children begin to see that sharing can be a good thing! The song helps to strengthen key self-regulation skills such as self-control as they wait for their turn as well as respect for others as they watch their classmates take their turn. Simply turn the song on and it will do all the work for you. How? There is a build in bridge in-between the singing of the songs that tells the children it is time to pass the sharing item on. Works like a charm!

    Takin’ Turns by Musically Minded

  • Preschool dance song

    Tango a la Turtle


    In this preschool dance song, your students will have to listen for changes in the music to know when to change the way they are dancing. Learning to pay attention to non verbal cues like this can be helpful to your students when they are learning musical skills. Additionally, many social interactions rely on non verbal cues, so understanding how to identify these will help your preschoolers as they develop socially and emotionally. Encourage them to play collaboratively with their peers and dance together during this preschool dance song. Teach them a few tango dance steps too to make the experience even more memorable!

    Tango a la Turtle by Musically Minded

  • circle time rhythm song

    Tap Like I’m Tappin’


    The ability to follow directions requires children to focus on what the teacher is saying. Tap Like I’m Tapping, a circle time rhythm song, is a great opportunity to practice this. This circle time rhythm song encourages children to practice this skill by requiring them to listen as well as watch, in order to participate along with their classmates. This social aspect is very motivating and powerful. Once the children have learned this circle time song, it opens up the door for them to create new ways to tap their sticks. Not only does this promote creative thinking, but it also gives children pride when their idea is chosen. Tapping on the body with rhythm sticks provides a physical representation of the beat which helps children create a strong sense of temporal awareness. This will help children later as they internalize the beat when they are being read to and when reading alone (Block, 2001, p. 44).

    Circle Time Success by Musically Minded

  • preschool music activity

    Tap Tap Clickety Clack


    Here is a great preschool music activity to introduce dynamics to your students. Children can recognize changes in volume very early in life, so why not start building the connection betweeb volume and dynamics. Increasing their musical vocabulary will help them later in school when learning to sing in choir or play a solo instrument. This song will also help them practice following directions and musical cues. See if your students can match the dynamics they hear in this preschool music activity. 

    Tap Tap Clickety Clack by Musically Minded

  • preschool song about world language

    Tappin’ at the Window


    Counting to four has never been so much fun or sounded so different. That’s because “Tappin’ at the Window” is a preschool song about world language that teaches children how to count to four in different languages. Doing so, shows them how words in a foreign language mean the same thing just said differently. Ask children if they know how to count to four in another language. They may speak a home language and sharing this knowledge with their peers can be very empowering!

    Circle Time Success by Musically Minded

  • The Bullfrog


    This singing and dancing preschool activity will create valuable opportunities for your preschoolers to practice singing, gross motor movements, and vocal exploration. Vocal exploration will create the building blocks for your students musical education. Furthermore, it will help very young children begin to develop speech and language skills. Encourage your students to jump and play with the bullfrog as they listen for verbal cues in the song. This will allow opportunities for them to practice following directions and active listening. Looing for more ways to have fun with this singing and dancing preschool activity? Learn the chorus and improvise some verses of your own! For example, have your students hop, skip, whisper, hum, and croak along with the bullfrog. The Bullfrog by Musically Minded

  • circle time action song

    The Fire Truck Song


    It’s so much fun to pretend to be a brave firefighter. Adding music and instruments makes pretend play so engaging and rewarding, your students will play along with this circle time action song from start to finish. Help them follow the directions in this song and play their finger cymbals, mimicking the bell in the fire station. Try this circle time action song with movements too and act out the job of a firefighter!

    The Firetruck Song by Musically Minded

  • preschool song about shapes

    The Shape Song


    This preschool song about shapes illustrates just how easy it is to weave math, literacy and music into one activity. “The Shape Song” fosters pre-literacy skills by helping children explore many of the shapes that make up letters. For example, a triangle is a shape found in the upper case “A” while a rectangle is a shape found in the upper case “E.” They also practice directionality or moving across the page from left-to-right. The preschool song about shapes fosters math skills as well. The ability to recognize geometric shapes and designs is another part of our everyday math experiences.

    Circle Time Success by Musically Minded

  • Show and tell song

    The Sharing Song


    This show and tell song will help keep your students engaged and respectful during show and tell. Show and tell isn’t only about giving the children a reason to bringing toys to class. Each child’s social, emotional and language skills will grow and develop from this activity as the children learn to use descriptive language, practice listening skills and share their special items with others. Sharing prized possessions with peers makes for a fun and comfortable learning arena for everyone involved. Try using this show and tell song to help your class stay focused while everyone takes turns sharing. 

    Circle Time Success by Musically Minded

  • Thunder Tube


    Create the sound of a thunder storm in the palm of your hand with the Thunder Tube! Crazy sound effects with just a shake of your wrist! Amazingly authentic, you won’t believe it. No batteries required.

  • Preschool rhythm activity

    Tick, Tock Cuckoo Clock


    This little rhythmic song will help your students learn to keep a steady beat as they dance and sing. The musical beat is the building block to all music. Once your students learn to identify this using songs about musical beat, they can move on to learning other music theory concepts and have a better understanding of the music they hear in their world. Using preschool songs about rhythm will help students learn to internalize musical beat. In turn, this will improve gross motor skills, spatial awareness, and will teach students to listen for musical cues. Encourage your students to count along and anticipate what number is next. This will give them a chance to practice their counting skills and prepare them for math later on in their education. 

    Tick Tock Cuckoo Clock by Musically Minded

  • preschool action song

    Touchin’ Toes


    Introduce your students to tempo with this fast paced preschool action song. Help them listen for cues to perform different actions, then see if they can match their movements to the tempo of the music. This song is repeats actions and prompts at different tempos, allowing many opportunities for success and mastery. This will build confidence and strengthen those associations between tempo and music vocabulary.

    Touchin’ Toes by Musically Minded

  • Preschool songs about shapes

    Train Shapes


    This preschool songs about shapes will help your students develop fine motor skills by having them trace shapes with their pretend trains. Tracing shapes is a great way to help them prepare to learn to write later in their education. As a result, they will have more success and confidence in their math and writing skills when they enter grade school. In addition, this song will provide opportunities for your preschoolers to practice following directions, a skill that will be wildly important throughout their life. Can they keep their train on the tracks?

    Train Shapes by Musically Minded

  • listening activity for circle time

    Walk in the Park


    Help your students practice rhythm matching, vocal exploration, and tempo all in this one imaginative activity. Students will move throughout the room, helping them internalize the tempo of the music, and match the rhythm each animal sings. They will be so engaged moving and singing with each animal, they won’t even realize they are learning valuable skills. Practice these rhythms with your students and join in on the fun!

    Walk in the Park by Musically Minded

  • preschool clean up song

    We’re Cleaning Up


    Turn chaos to calm by adding this fun classroom clean up song. This catchy tune will have everything put away in no time! Unfortunately, the song alone won’t do the job. They will need some initial coaching from their “More Knowing Other.” A mess to a child can be overwhelming, and it may seem easier to do it yourself to avoid push back. But taking the easy way out on this mundane task will mean walking away from teaching a life-long skill. Make clean up a fun and approachable job with our classroom clean up song.
    Circle Time Success by Musically Minded