3 Reasons Why Preschool Teachers Shouldn’t Use CDs


I have been wanting for so long to help teachers move from using CDs in their classrooms to using digital tracks. I have seen far too many teachers struggling to keep all of their CDs organized and it’s just not worth the stress.

I can prove right off the bat that my reasoning for getting you to go digital is truly from the heart  because the CDs are actually more expensive than the digital downloads..

Note: If you’ve purchased a CD or 2 from me and want the digital version, simply email me a picture of your CD and I’ll send you the link to the digital album for free!

If you are already using digital music in your classroom, awesome! I’m sure you’ve felt the ease of moving from one song to another without flipping through 50 CDs to find the one you want.

If you haven’t made the jump, it’s time and I’m giving you 3 Reasons Why Preschool Teachers Shouldn’t Use CDs

1. Short Attention Spans

When it’s circle time, you are on the clock. The attention span clock that is. Your little ones expect you to move quickly and keep their full attention the entire time or they are out.

I know, kind of disrespectful, but it is completely developmentally appropriate.

That’s why when you are ready to turn on a tune, you need it at your finger tips so you can start it immediately! That’s where digital music comes in super handy.

2. Makes Lesson Planning Easier

Every month in music I have a different theme. I love this because it keeps my teaching fresh for both the children and for me.

This month it’s “All About Me”. I had taught this unit last year so I had all of the music on my phone in a playlist called, you guessed it, “All About Me”.

Since all the songs were there, I just had to print my lessons plans, gather the materials, and I was ready to teach.

If I hadn’t had my music digital and organized into a playlist, I would have had to find all of the CDs (because you know the songs are never on the same CD – ever!) or find the CD I burned from last year that got so scratched and of course won’t play, ugh! I’ll stick with digital every time.

3. Organized Songs

Last but not least, I like to categorize my songs. I have taken all of my digital recordings and organized them into playlists for movement songs, listening songs, instrument play etc.

When there are just a few minutes left in class and I need a quick activity not on my current playlist, I go to the playlist that best fits the bill. I quickly choose the song and I’m in business. If I were still using CDs I can pretty much tell you what would have happened. I most likely wouldn’t be able to find the CD that had the song I was wanting fast enough. In the meantime the kids would be dog piling on the floor behind me while I frantically searched. Instead, the song is on in a flash and everyone is engaged and having fun – including me.

So there you have it, 3 reasons why I love using digital tracks. If you are ready to make the change, I have a little gift for you. Get one of our digital songs for circle time FREE! 

Yep, free! Click the link below 👇

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