Rock and Stop


A freeze dance song is a great way to help add some movement to circle time. It may seem like your students are just dancing, but they are also learning valuable skills. When learning to stop with the music, your students are learning to listen for non-verbal cues. This will help them develop socially, musically, and academically. After they understand how to listen for the music to stop, teach them to listen for other cues, like tempo, rhythm, and instrument types.



Try this freeze dance song with your class to teach impulse control and listening skills. Your class will learn to listen for the music to stop, and they will make the connection that no music means they freeze! Encourage your students to freeze in silly poses to keep them engaged and even practice balance and coordination. With this Download, you will receive:

  • Rock and Stop digital audio track – Keep it handy so you’re always ready to sing and play with your students
  • Rock and Stop Activity Guide –  includes what kids learn (goals/objectives), how to teach it, suggested materials/instruments