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  • Move, Move, Move Digital Album


    Infused with songs to get kids up and on their feet, “Move, Move, Move” is a perfect mix of actions songs for children ages 2-7.  Parents and teachers alike will love the way learning and movement go hand in hand to strengthen skills across the curriculum.  In “Kitty Freeze Game,” kids will enjoy moving around like cats, then freezing their bodies as they strengthen their muscles and their listening skills.  “Flying to the Moon” offers little astronauts the chance to blast off into space and learn to count backwards. “The Shape Train” will have children moving their bodies to make common shapes. Replicating the shapes physically will help children later make the shapes on paper.

    By weaving meaningful movement activities into everyday learning, children’s bodies and brains benefit. Research shows when children move, it strengthens learning, improves memory and retrieval and increases motivation and morale. What are you waiting for? Make movement matter with the children in your life by sharing all the songs from Move, Move, Move with them today!