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✔️ Does the thought of circle time make you want to find the nearest exit?

✔️ Have you ever planned what you thought was the best circle time the world had ever seen only to find out your students didn’t agree?

✔️Do you struggle with keeping kids engaged at circle time?

✔️Are you constantly on the hunt for new ideas, but end up singing the same songs and reading the same books at circle time?

✔️Do you feel more like a peacekeeper than a teacher when kids are gathered together for circle time?


…You are not alone!



circle time training



What if I told you it doesn’t have to be that way?

What if circle times went from being your biggest stress,

to your greatest success?


Circle Time certified (3)

4 hours of informational videos broken down into short lessons (2-15 minutes). From classroom management to how to keep kids engaged, it’s all here! Self-paced with 24/7, lifetime access means you can watch anytime (even on your phone)!

32 teacher-test and kid approved circle time activities. Each activity includes step by step instructions, a video demonstration, digital audio track and visual aides. From transitions, to stories, movements songs and more, you’ll be set for the year!

Learning how to pair activities to include an ample amount of movement and down time can take time! That’s why you’ll receive 5 “done for you” lesson plans that will show you how to pair activities for circle time and set you and your kids up for success.

Once the course is completed, receive a downloadable certificate that says you are “Circle Time Certified”! This course qualifies for 4 Washington State STARS Hours. To receive credit in your state, check with your supervisor or state certification office.



♥Identify your “why” aka your passion for teaching that fuels each day

♥ Why circle time is so beneficial for kids and you!

♥ Ways to get AND keep kids engaged at circle time.

♥ Benefits of using music and movement at circle time and throughout the day.

♥ Circle time logistics including room setup, lesson pacing, planning and more.

♥ Song for making transitions easy and fun.

♥ 32 activities for circle time that are proven to work!


“I was privileged to be an early participant in the Circle Time Certified class and found it to be packed with easy and fun music and movement activities as well as the “why” behind using them with students.  I finished the class inspired to try a bunch of new activities with my very next group of children.”-Sharon Chastain, Children’s Librarian, King County Library Systems

“Being a first year teacher, this training was just what I needed to feel more confident with the kids.  I have been hesitant about leading circle time, but after Jocelyn’s class, I’m ready!”-Ms. Katie, PreK Teacher, Nevada

One thing that I implemented in my classroom that I learned at your training was ALL OF IT!!! 🙂 I have always sang songs during circle time, but the kids and I have thoroughly enjoyed learning new songs and using your activities to go with them. We have used scarves, bean bags, shaker eggs, and the parachute, along with your cds and activity book. I cannot thank you enough for getting me excited again about what I do!!! I have been working with kids for almost 20 years now, and it’s easy to lose your enthusiasm over the course of 20 years! Thanks for all you do!!! Sincerely,Jenna Nelson, Bozeman, MT

“Being a first year teacher, this training was just what I needed to feel more confident with the kids.  I have been hesitant about leading circle time, but after Jocelyn’s class, I’m ready!”-Ms. Katie, PreK Teacher, Nevada

Sign me up! Jocelyn Manzanarez

Jocelyn Manzanarez, MMEd.

Whether a new teacher to early childhood or a veteran looking to “spice it up,” you are about to discover the secret that will make every circle time fresh, fun and full of learning.  By teaching thousands of circle times in my career, I’ve had my fair share of wanderers, behavior issues and more. That means I’ve made all the mistakes so you don’t have to!

Want to know the secret to success? Include music and movement!  Not only will behavior issues decline and engagement increase, kids will actually retain what you’ve taught them.  How is this done?  By offering a multi-sensory learning environment that is fun, engaging, and meaningful while honoring the whole child.

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to show you how to create a joyful learning environment in your classroom every day.

See you in the class!