Building Blocks Nursery School

Elin Peterson

Music Teacher: Elin

Music Day: Tuesday

January 2021 MUSIC NOTES
Welcome to the homepage of Building Blocks Nursery School. We are so excited to share with you what’s happening this month in music.


Theme: Feelings

This month we will use music to help us identify our various feelings. Since music is what our emotions sound like, I can’t think of a better way to explore this topic. We will listen to different kinds of music like Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, and talk about the feelings the music evokes. With our instruments we will experiment making a happy sound, sad sound, angry sound, etc., and translate those sounds to our musical vocabulary.

Class Instruments: Jingle Bells and Finger Cymbals

Activity for Home: The Emotions of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony

Children are really drawn to the distinctive and dramatic nature of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. Listen to the opening together and talk about what feelings come to mind as the music changes. The children will likely say that the first phrase sounds mad. Listen for the section where the music becomes smoother and calm, and then where the excitement builds following that. And that’s all within 1 1/2 minutes of music! You can even create a movement for each feeling (pound the floor when it sounds mad, pat your lap as the next notes rush by, sway when the music calms, clap when it sounds exciting). 

Check out the video below of the song!