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Compost Stew

April 1, 2016

*Note: This post contains an affiliate link. Feel free to use it to purchase the item I recommend in the post below. With Earth Day just around the corner, there’s no better time to get your kids excited about composting! It’s been said today’s children are tomorrow’s future so teaching them how they can keep…

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My First VOG, My Great Big World

September 5, 2015

You may be wondering, just what is a VOG? Well, I don’t know if it is really a word but it’s what I am calling my video blog. By creating a video of me doing activities from class, I hope they will become even more accessible. If you think so, or don’t think so (this…

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11 Campfire Songs Every Family Should Know

July 20, 2015

Summer is in full swing and we hope that means you will find your way to a campfire at some point throughout the season. That is unless you live in a state with a “high” risk for fires like us here in Washington this summer. We’ve created a song book filled with 11 Campfire Songs…

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Boom, Boom Ain’t It Great To Recycle?

January 20, 2015
earth recycle

All week my mind has been on recycling since that is our theme for the month here at Musically Minded. I’ve been extra attentive to what is getting thrown in the garbage at our house versus what can be recycled or put in the compost bin. Clearly my family should be attending my music classes…

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Movement Game For Nutcracker’s Chinese Dance

December 11, 2014

All through December we are sharing the story of the Nutcracker in our music classes. It’s the second week in and parents are already telling us their children are coming home talking about what they are learning. Of course, many are sending their parents out for a nutcracker of their own. Wouldn’t you? This week…

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It’s Nutcracker Time!

December 3, 2014

This month we are learning all about the Nutcracker. We will be listening/dancing/creating as we immerse ourselves in Pyotr Tchaikovsky’s famous ballet. This week we started reading the story and are using Susan Jeffer’s version. We chose her retelling because of it’s limited text which as we know keeps the attention of our listeners much…

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10 Campfire Songs Your Kids Should Know

July 2, 2014

The Fourth of July holiday is said to be the official kick off to summer. In preparation, we have compiled a songbook filled with 10 Campfire Songs Your Kids Should Know. Growing up in a family where we sang all the time, I thought everyone sang around the campfire like us. As a teacher, I…

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Down In The Deep Blue Sea – Free Downloadable Book!

June 15, 2014

My favorite time of year is summer. Playing in the water with my girls and exploring the ocean beaches is always a summer treat. Growing up in Montana, I didn’t get to visit the ocean often which meant seeing a starfish attached to a pier was something I had to wait 30 years for. My…

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Going On A Bug Hunt

May 10, 2014
bug hunt

Our bugs and blooms theme is in full swing but in order to get this started right we had to go on a bug hunt this week. Using the traditional song “Going on a Bear Hunt” as our inspiration, the children echoed their way through this buggy adventure. All sorts of different bugs were found…

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