Virtual Pre-K & Kindergarten Music Classes for incredible engagement & playful learning

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You know how valuable a high-quality music education is for your preschoolers and kindergarteners.

But finding an affordable, time-saving solution isn’t easy.

It’s no secret that:

  • In-house music teachers are expensive and hard to come by.
  • YouTube videos lack educational depth and quickly lose kids’ interest.
  • Finding the best curriculum and materials on your own is costly and time-consuming.
  • Pre-K & Kindergarten teachers are experts at teaching academic and social skills, but often don’t feel confident when it comes to teaching music.

What if your little learners could have the most fun & interactive music-making experience each week…

WITHOUT purchasing an overpriced (and time-consuming) curriculum or hiring an in-house teacher?


Virtual Pre-K Music Classes

The Musically Minded Way

Highly Interactive + Engaging

Quick + Easy


Virtual Music Classes that are so
interactive-your little learners will feel like
Teacher Jocelyn is actually in the room with them!

Our Virtual Music Class Essentials

AKA the Musically Minded Magic Formula


Children learn best when they have plenty of opportunities to get up and move. That’s why we infuse meaningful movement into every lesson.


Listening is a key skill in learning to read. That’s just one of the reasons why Musically Minded includes listening activities in each and every class.

musical stories

Musical stories play an important role in our classes. Research shows that stories promote brain development and imagination, language learning, emotional awareness.

Instrument Play

Rhythm sticks, shakers, drums, castanets and glockenspiels are just a few of the fun instruments that accompany our singing, dancing and storytelling.

Songs & Rhymes

By providing plenty of repetition with songs and rhymes, children begin to master the lyrics which fosters vocabulary growth, proper grammar, and memory.

Why is music-making a must for preschoolers & kindergarteners?

It’s a supercharging skill builder for…


Motor Skills

Music-making builds gross and fine motor skills, body awareness and internal tempo with movement activities just right for little learners’ developing skills.



Early math skills are fostered and reinforced through number sense, pattern recognition and spatial awareness with the repetition of favorite songs and rhymes.



We focus on phonemic sounds, meanings of words, increasing vocabulary, language acquisition, rhyming, pitch, and intonation. All of these skills improve communication!



Making music with other children (even virtually) improves social and emotional learning. Children
work together as a team and develop their sense of empathy for others.

Personalized Attention to Your Little Learners

“Teacher Jocelyn makes each class feel really personal and special for the children. She’ll say things like, I see lots of #2s out there,” so that they know she sees them. Jocelyn has a great way of making it feel like she’s here for only your class – even though there are other daycares on the call. She makes it interactive and calls out the little things she sees on the screen. And it’s 1000 times better than any YouTube video.”

Susie, Private Daycare Owner

It’s Nothing Like “Screen Time”

“I’m very anti-screen… but this is different because Teacher Jocelyn interacts directly with us-and she has great kid energy! The children feel like she is one of their teachers. Like at the end of the year, one of my students wrote a little note for her. It’s definitely not my style to have the kids looking at the Smartboard or having screen time on iPads… but this is one 30-minute-a-week time that is high value.”

Tauna, Catholic Preschool Teacher


Hi, I’m Jocelyn!

For over 20 years one of my greatest joys has been teaching children through music. The positive impact music has had on their lives continues to blow me away.

From social-emotional learning to academics and everything in between, music offers children the opportunity to explore their world in a fun and meaningful way.

Each week, I strive for my 30-minute music classes to leave you feeling confident that your children have been provided with a highly engaged learning experience. We both can feel proud when they ask, “when can I do music with Teacher Jocelyn again?!”

follow on follow on follow on

But educators & parents know it’s LEARNING, too!

We all know children LOVE music!

From banging on drums to being soothed with a lullaby, it’s not hard to miss the fact that music is a natural draw for young children.

They clearly know what’s good for them because the benefits of music education are endless. And that’s what the grown-ups in their lives get excited about!


Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3!


Easily Enroll

Click a button below to sign up for 30-minute weekly classes on Tuesday at 10:00 am PST.


Quickly Prep

Each Monday, you’ll get a Zoom link & a list of easy materials to grab from your house or classroom!


Attend & Have Fun!

Log into the class each week and watch your little learners awaken their inner musicians!

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  • Weekly LIVE Music Class
  • Easy Materials Prep
  • Access to All Replays


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Out-of-This-World Engagement

The perfect mix of “stand up, sit down, dance around” fun!

“One of my littles just said to me, ‘I want to be like Teacher Jocelyn when I grow up!’ We adore your class!”
-Mindi, Pre-K Teacher

“All of my classes were on today and they were having so much fun! Thank you!!!”
-Shauna B, Owner, The Goddard School, Redmond, WA

Can you get the video replays?

And are the recordings still engaging for kids?

Yes. And yes!

Attending the classes live is always the best way to ensure your little learners’ enjoy the highest engagement.

However, you’ll get access to ALL the class replays for as long as you’re enrolled. So there’s no need to worry about the off-chance that you might miss a live session.

Plus… children LOVE to revisit their favorite classes from the past. Meanwhile, teachers and caregivers love using the recordings to add even MORE music into their little musicians’ weekly routine.

Feeling reluctant about the tech?

We’ve got you.

No matter whether you want to stream the classes on a desktop computer, laptop, Smartboard, or video projector…

You’ll receive easy video tech tutorials to ensure that getting everything set up is a snap. You’ll only need to test it out once, and then you’ll be ready to join instantly each week!


Want to take a virtual music class for a spin?

Test drive an all-time favorite class about Dinosaurs! 🦕

Get ready for your young musicians to travel back in time on an exciting Jurassic Journey! They’ll explore an enchanting dino-tastic world where prehistoric rhythms meet modern melodies. 🦖🎵

Filled with catchy tunes, dino dances, and a musical storytime… this class will be a huge hit with your little learners!

See how much fun your budding Beethovens will have when they practice just a few of the skills covered in this class, including:

  • Gross and fine motor movement
  • Dinosaur names
  • Counting down from 5
  • One to one correspondence
  • Vocabulary
  • Rhyming

Your FREE Class includes Replay, Lyrics Sheet and BONUS ukulele chords for “Dance Like a Dinosaur”!