Virtual music classes for kids ages birth-6 who love to sing, dance and have fun with music!

Trying to balancing working from home

and take care of your kids?!?

Let me guess...

✔️ You want to make sure your child is learning, but it's hard to find the time or know where to look for ideas.

✔️ Every time you get on a call or sit down to work on a project you hear, "MOOOOOOOM!".

✔️ You are at the point where your only alone time is in the bathroom (if you are lucky that is).


Can you relate to any or all of the above?

I've got great news,

Musically Minded is here to help!


virtual music classes
virtual music classes

Learn more about our classes...

Every Wednesday, your child will participate in a themed music class filled with singing, dancing, instrument play, stories and more from the comfort of your home.

Feel great knowing your child is receiving quality musical interactions from a trained professional.  Use the time to relax and recharge, get work done or join your child for 30 minutes of fun! 

With over 20 years of classroom experience, we know what it takes to get kids engaged AND keep them engaged.  Oh, and they don’t even realize they’re learning because it’s SO MUCH FUN!


Check out an activity from class with Jocelyn!

Get your little farm hand ready, 'cuz it's time to drive down to Grandpa's Farm! In this activity your musician will learn...

*animal vocabulary

*focused listening

*self-control (it takes a lot to sit for more than 2 minutes!)

*animal sounds

*auditory discrimination (the ability to focus on one sound)

When it comes to music, the benefits are abundant! Kids think it's fun, but parents and teachers know it's learning too! 

♥Physical Skills: Build gross and fine motor skills, body awareness and internal tempo with movement activities just right for your little one's developing skills.

♥Math Skills: Number sense, pattern recognition and spatial awareness through songs and rhymes to foster their early math skills.

♥Language Skills: Sounds and meanings of words, increased vocabulary and language acquisition, rhyming, pitch and intonation for better communication skills.

♥Social/Emotional: Making music with others (even virtually) improves social and emotional skills.  They learn to work together as a team and develop their sense of empathy with others. Researchers have found that when children play music together – from simple rhythms to larger group performances – they are better able to tune into other people’s emotions.


How It Works...

virtual music classes

Your monthly subscription includes 1 LIVE Zoom Music class every Wednesday. There are two classes to choose from, 10:00-10:30 a.m. or 3:30-4:00 p.m. pacific time. Choose the class that best fits your family's schedule. Can't make it or want to watch it again? You'll have access to the recording AND all of the songs used in class as long as you stay subscribed.

virtual music classes

Every Tuesday you’ll receive the Zoom link for the Wednesday classes along with a list of suggested materials for your child to bring to class. The materials are always something easy you can find in your house and the song lyrics and recordings. Select which class fits best into your schedule or set a time to watch the replay you'll get right after each week's class.

virtual music classes

Log into the Zoom class on Wednesday (morning or afternoon classes) then sit back or join in the fun with your child! Through singing, dancing, stories and more, they'll not only awaken their inner musician, but also gain valuable skills such as rhyming, vocabulary and gross motor skills.

virtual music classes

Looking for a Virtual Music Class for Child Care Center?

Musically Minded is here!

Have your music enrichment classes come to a screeching halt?

Are you teachers needing support on how to provide meaningful musical moments?


Don't let social distancing be the reason your children are no longer learning through music!

(contact Musically Minded for special school pricing)

ENROLL your ENTIRE school today AND start singing, dancing and playing instruments again, everyone needs the joy of music now more than ever!

Call Today for Special School Pricing!

"All of my classes were on today and they were having so much fun!

Thank you!!!"

Shauna Barison, Owner, The Goddard School, Redmond, WA

Meet Jocelyn!

For over 20 years I have been teaching children through music. This has allowed me to see the positive impact music can have on their lives.

From social-emotional to academics and everything in between, music offers little ones the opportunity to explore their world in a fun and meaningful way.

As a mom of 2 daughters, I know what it's like to balance work and kids. Since my girls were little, I owned my own business working from home much of the time. My most productive time was while they were napping or watching television. I felt like I was failing at all of it often.

So in other words mama, I get your struggle.

I hope my weekly 30 minute music classes will leave you feeling great knowing you are providing your child with a quality experience that will help grow their body and mind all while having fun.

I can't wait to help your little one discover the amazing world of music.


What Parents are Saying About Musically Minded!

Jocelyn Manzanarez

We have been so impressed with Jacob's progress since being in your classes. For Christmas he received a musical instrument set and immediately knew exactly how to play each instrument. He also received a musical toy with which he stomped his foot to the perfect beat - all while dancing and bopping along. He truly does love music.

-Jen, parent

Our girls are using sign language and talking more about music. They're always excited when we tell them it's music class day.

-Lynae, parent

Thank you so much for your work!! She loves music class, she comes home and shouts 'música!

 -Georgina , parent

Thank you for the experience....Lilith has really enjoyed "music day", and we really appreciate her Musically Minded experience.

Peter Doyle, parent

Thank you so much!! My girls are loving your class. They’ve been looking forward to it every! 🙂 

Stacy, mom of Lyvia and Gracyn, 3 year old twins.