UW Children's Center at Harborview

virtual music classes

Music Teacher: Charmaine Slaven

Class Time: Monday Mornings

March 2020 MUSIC NOTES

Welcome to the homepage of UWCC We are so excited to share with you what’s happening this month in music.


Theme:  Jungle

Instruments: jingle sticks, handled castenets

Finger Puppets:  Elephants, monkey, frogs

Sharing Instruments: Jungle floor drum, frog drum, rattle drum, kokiriko

Summary & Music at Home:This month we’re going on a jungle adventure! We will tap rhythms with our jingle sticks to the “Body Boogie”, move and dance like all different jungle animals, and read the musical story The Animal Boogieby Debbie Harter. One of our favorite activities this month is the spanish song  “El Coqui”, about a very musical frog from Puerto Rico. The kids love singing along to his special call and pretending to jump from tree to tree! Listen and play along at home with your student!