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At Musically Minded, we are all about connecting with teachers who are serious about combining FUN and LEARNING.  Jocelyn’s high-energy trainings are filled with practical ideas teachers can use right away!

Teachers will learn brain-based strategies along with tips and tricks to achieve optimal engagement not just at circle time, but all throughout the day. How? Using music and movement of course!

Check out the in-person and online trainings below!

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“I took your class that was provided through the EKCFCCA.  First off, I must let you know how much I enjoyed your class and how valuable I thought it was.  It is rare when I can take something away from a STARS training that I can actually use. I implemented so many of your songs, games, suggestions and ideas in my class the very next day! Both my preschoolers and I are really enjoying your CD as well as the rhythm sticks. Thanks so much for helping child care providers bring more music to children.”

Taryn Henning,  Preschool Teacher, Seattle, WA

"Thank you for an awesome training. We had several teachers give us positive feedback the next day and I saw immediate implementation in one classroom that I was observing. It was great to see."

Clara, Center Director, Issaquah Goddard School

“Everyone was raving about your class, the teachers are on cloud 9 they felt good! It was fun. Thanks for the book and for being such a great sport. I only had four hours of sleep but you woke me up thanks!!!!”

Jade Cordero-Brodie | Director Park Highland | Cedar Crest Academy

“Thank you so much for allowing me to have the opportunity to take your circle time success online training. It was educational and fun. I learned so many different tools to help keep my children engaged as well as keep them having fun. You are truly an amazing educator and I look forward to watching and learning from your future videos."

Genience - Preschool Teacher, Seatac, WA

“Hello from across the waters. I had to write to say I was thoroughly engaged with your video on the Transforming Behaviour online Training.  I found it really useful and was one of those that had to pause the video and scribe notes quickly. I felt I had to contact you as I fed back to my staff team this morning - not to call the children to the carpet and try your “Everybody Sit Down” song. Today I’m back with the children and I just started singing. It immediately went quiet as I turned round and continued singing. All eyes were on me and the children were fascinated and began to listen and follow the instructions. I sang a further 2 verses watching for the last little ones to join in and to encourage them further I sang it really quietly. The response was amazing and I'm over the moon as I love singing. Thank you so much for the tips. It was great. Best wishes Jane. - Kendal Cumbria."

Jane Kendal Cumbria, PreK Teacher, United Kingdom

“Thank you for such a great training on Saturday! My teachers really enjoyed it and I am hoping they bring back what they learned to the classroom. I just wanted you to know that I would like to have you come out to my center at least once a year to do a training because you are so passionate, dedicated, happy and great when it comes to early childhood. I want that in my center and I feel you would be a great help to my staff by doing at least one training a year. Thank you very much!”

Patrick Davidson, Director, Greenwood Early Learning Center, Seattle, WA

Training Topics

play the ukulele online

Yes! Uke 'N Play the Ukulele - online

Bring the beauty of music into your classroom AND your life by learning to play the ukulele! Playing an instrument provides an outlet for creativity and what could be better than the stress-relieving sounds of a ukulele? Interested in learning to play? Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a skilled musician, a virtuoso, or even musically inclined. In this 4 week course, Jocelyn will teach you through a step-by-step process paced just right for beginners. You'll also learn tons of songs your kids will love singing at circle time!

Training Hours: 4 hours

Training Format: Online,4 week course

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Circle Time Certified - Online!

Tips, Tricks and TONS of activities to keep circle time FRESH, FUN and FULL OF LEARNING!

It’s no surprise that the number one struggle teachers face at circle time is keeping kids engaged.  When there are children with different interests, attention spans and skills, group time can be a challenge for even the most seasoned teacher.  The great news is that creating a group learning environment where everyone has fun is totally possible!

Join Jocelyn in this 4 week online class as she teaches proven strategies that engage learners while teaching across the curriculum using music and movement. Learn songs, stories, transition techniques and more that will take your circle times to the head of the class. This training is a must for any teacher who doesn't just want to be good at circle time, they want to be certified!

Training Hours: 4 hours

Training Format: Online, 4 week course

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circle time training

From Chaos to Calm – 7 Secrets to Circle Time Success

Tired of feeling like a peace keeper at circle time? Learn seven secrets to turn your circle times around. Based on research and many years of classroom experience, Jocelyn will demonstrate effective ways to tackle challenges that may be standing in the way of learning and fun.This fast-moving session is packed full of felt stories, songs, movement games and more. Participants will gain valuable skills to use when they return to their early learning sessions on Monday morning.

Training Hours: 2-3

Training Format: In Person or Zoom Webinar


Reading Rocks – Building a Foundation for Literacy through Music and Movement

Reading Rocks! That’s right, reading is cool and it lays the foundation for a lifetime of learning.  Through music and movement even the youngest child can begin building the skills necessary to get ready to read.  Learn the six key pre-literacy skills and how music and movement strategies can make early literacy development fun and inspire a lifelong love of reading. Regardless of background in music, Jocelyn will give a variety of ideas on how to incorporate music and movement through rhymes, chants, rhythm, songs, stories and instrument play that get kids wild about literacy.

Training Hours: 2-3

Training Format: In Person or Zoom Webinar

Group Of Elementary School Pupils Sitting On Floor Listening To Female Teacher Read Story

Circle Time Success “The Basics”

Whether you are a new teacher to early childhood or a veteran looking to spice your circle times up, Circle Time Success “The Basics” is the course for you.   By combining brain-based strategies with tried and true activities, participants will leave with a tool kit filled with ways to keep circle times fresh, fun and full of learning.  From weather songs to transitions and the “how” to do it will be presented in this highly engaging online course.

Training Hours: 2-3

Training Format: In Person or Zoom Webinar

Singing and playing on musical instruments with my mommy

10 Reasons Why Your Classroom Should be Singing!

Singing is an effective way to create a learning environment that is fun and engaging. Yet, few teachers are taking advantage of this age-old practice! This interactive session will explore why singing provides an easy way to teach basic skills, promote positive behavior and foster community. Participants will be reminded of songs from their past as well as lots and lots of new tunes to add to their repertoire. Let’s discover what road blocks may be keeping you from implementing this simple strategy that works!

Training Hours: 2-3

Training Format: In Person or Zoom Webinar

Musically Minded - classes for children birth-5

Bring Joy Back to Teaching

With increased pressure on educators to create an academic-rich environment in early childhood, teachers are finding themselves forced to teach young children in ways they know are not developmentally appropriate. This often leads to teacher burnout because the fun factor has been eliminated for all.  Don’t let your passion for teaching succumb. Join Jocelyn as she shares ideas ranging from self-care to practical ways to create a fun and learning-filled classroom where everyone thrives.

Training Hours: 2-3

Training Format: In Person or Zoom Webinar

She love music so much. Baby in music school.

Circle Time for Babies and Toddlers

Tap into the power of music and movement with your little one! Not only does music time for babies and toddlers encourage quality interactions between caregiver and child, research shows that introducing little ones to music has long-term developmental benefits! The simple rhymes, songs and movement activities participants will learn in this session will not only make play time fun and interactive, but also foster bonding, body awareness, communication skills and more all of which benefit their quickly developing brain. Early childhood educators will find the activities great for creating a music and movement filled classroom, while parents will enjoy the activities at home or on the road with their little one.

Training Hours: 2-3

Training Format: In Person or Zoom Webinar

7 Secrets for Circle Time Success

7 Secrets for Circle Time Success Ebook

No need to wait for a training, start learning today! Download "7 Secrets to Circle Time Success" and start making lasting change.