Goddard Redmond

virtual music classes

Music Teacher: Kristin

Class Time: Wednesday and Thursday Mornings

March 2020 MUSIC NOTES

Welcome to the homepage of Goddard Redmond! We are so excited to share with you what’s happening this month in music.


Theme: Latin America 

This month we are taking a musical journey south to Latin America! We will be listening to traditional music while we learn basic dance steps like the salsa, and learning basic rhythms like the son and rumba clave beats. We’ll explore instruments from all around the region and learn how they have been made and played throughout history. 

Class Instruments: Castanets and claves 

Sharing Instruments: Maraca, rainstick and conga drum 

Activity for home: One of my favorite Latin American recordings for the whole family is Putumayo Kids’ Latin Playground. Turn it on and get ready to dance, drum or sing along all month long!