Bright Horizons at Woodinville

virtual music classes

Music Teacher:  Rosie Barry

Music Days: Wednesday Mornings

March 2020 MUSIC NOTES

Welcome to the homepage of Bright Horizons at Woodinville! We are so excited to share with you what’s happening this month in music.


Theme: Dinosaurs
Children are always fascinated by the world of dinosaurs. In this unit they’ll get to be paleontologists, digging for and examining dinosaur skeletons while singing a catchy tune. We’ll move about, stomping, shaking and roaring to songs about dinosaurs. Using our hand drums, we’ll practice dynamics and tempos and do some skat singing with our dinosaur hand puppet, Jazzasaurus.


Instruments for the month: Hand Drums, Castenets, Dinosaur Finger Puppets


Sharing Instruments: Turtle Calimba, Frog Guiro, Agogo


Activity for home: Dinosaurumpus by Tony Mitten is a great musical read.  The rhythm of the phrases lead to song. You can keep a steady beat while chanting the words, make up your own tune or listen to this musical example by Music Sparks for inspiration.